Glass Partition

Visualize General Trading specialises in Glass and Aluminium partition. Our in-house team is well equipped with all modern machinery to produce and install the most delicate and complicated design ideas. A more detailed description of all our products can be found in our brochure below.

How we make it happen

to You

We understand your vision and needs to create a workspace that’s best for your brand and is consistent and truthful to your brand philosophy. We believe that’s the key to whole process.

Ideating &

From receiving the requirements from clients, our team gets down to create and visualize the concept based on the feedback

Approving &

Once the project has been approved, we create the schedule. Then, secure the necessary resources for your project. The operation team then steps in to plan the works.

& Executing

Our team now dons their hats and get to the site to start realising all that is on paper to hard reality and transform the space.

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